Aiki No Michi
O-Sensei’s calligraphy

Welcome to the web site for the Aiki No Michi, an inclusive group of dojos and people that train in Aikido in the legacy of Alan Ruddock sensei.

Alan founded the Aiki No Michi, as a highly inclusive organisation, with little or no hierarchical control and structure, allowing great autonomy to its constituent clubs. Alan died in Dublin, in April 2012. A number of his students are committed to taking forward his legacy to the best of our ability.

You can read Alan’s Aims and Objectives for the association in his own words here.

To be as inclusive as possible therefore, mailing lists have been established that any instructors, or members of Aiki No Michi clubs are free and welcome to join. No bar to entry has been set, and both lists will be openly archived for transparency. Please note that these are for anyone in the world, acknowledging Alan’s global reach and are not exclusive of any other organisation. If you wish to join us, please join those mailing lists, and consider following this website.