Aims & Objectives

This is a transcription of a document written by Alan Ruddock Sensei.

Aiki no Michi

Aims, Objectives, Parameters, Origins

Aiki no Michi is an association of aikidoka, formulated and set up in 1996.

It is constituted so that member clubs and groups have autonomy in the running of their own affairs.

No club or group is above any other in the association. All are equal.

No fees or allegiances are demanded from the individuals or groups involved.

Participating aikidoka will be issues with an Aiki no Michi record book, at cost.

The primary objective of this association is to further the practise of Aikido in the style and spirit of the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

It was his wish that Aikido should be for all, and his hope that through the practice of the basic forms aikidoka would live more harmoniously in the world and more peacefully with their neighbours.

In seeking to fulfil this primary objective, an uncomplicated grading syllabus allows interested parties to acquire a thorough grounding in the basic forms.

It is hoped that in this way, not only will the standard, meaning and integrity of basic Aikido forms be upheld for future participants, but also that a spirit of cooperation and friendship be fostered amongst the members of the Aiki no Michi association.

The Aiki no Michi characters are in O-sensei’s caligraphy. Just as Aiki Do means the Way of Aiki, so Aiki no Michi means the Path of Aiki. It has a variety of subtle interpretations but it particularly related to the ancient Japanese philosophy of Kannagara no Michi ~ a Way of intuition, harmony, spontaneity and following the laws of Nature.

Alan Ruddock 18th January 1997