Grading Syllabus

We follow a syllabus that was designed by the late Alan Ruddock sensei.

Aiki no Michi Syllabus with Highlighted Text (PDF Download)

For your personal study, downloading the PDF above is likely to be more useful, but the grade information is provided in web pages here also for your convenience and quick reference.

There are three categories of grades mentioned in the Aiki No Michi syllabus.

  • Kihon This refers to a grasp of the basics, before the usual grades;
  • Kyu These grades begin with 6th Kyu and end with 1st Kyu. Students often wear white belts when they are either ungraded, kihon or kyu grades, though some clubs use coloured belts to show progression through the Kyu grades.
  • Dan These grades are often referred to as the black belt grades and start at 1st Dan (also shodan), 2nd Dan (nidan), 3rd Dan (sandan) and so on.


It is prudent to tell your sensei that you intend to grade, and to give good notice, so that some appropriate material may be covered, and to obtain advice on whether you are ready to grade. However, note that given the variety of grades in the class and different nights that people can attend, it may not be possible to tailor classes completely towards a grading. Therefore it remains the responsibility of the student to ensure they understand the appropriate material on the syllabus for the grade they are attempting. It is often possible to approach your sensei or fellow students before or after the class to ask questions or to practice a technique briefly.

Please ask about the names of techniques and attacks, you may find this list useful.